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The Girl Problem

The Girl Problem

Hariya had thrown his chappal at Titli. “Karamjali”, he yelled, bearer of bad luck. But Titli jumped over the flimsy stick fence and ran off into the fields not stopping to listen him say, “This girl is the problem of my existence.” She ran as fast as she could till she was surrounded by high, […]

November Rain

November Rain

I am sitting at my window, a stiff drink of whiskey and tonic water in my hand, waiting for them to come on swift horses. Yes, their horses are swift. Like the Savannah wind that plays banshee in the upright strands of yellow grass. The tick-tock of the hooves is hurried, but less spontaneous and […]

City of Lies

City of Lies

City of Lies: A Tale of an almost lifetime CONTENT WARNING: The following story contains references to mature subjects. If you are not above 18 years old take consent from your parents before reading this We were used to dry spells. Those long yellow days which lay waste on the dirt roads like unending afternoon […]

Elevators : Think Before You Step In


Elevators – Think before you step in. It started about a month ago. At first there were one or two isolated incidents. Everyone thought that the first people who experienced it were either lying or delusional. But then more stories came to light. Now it has become a regular occurrence. So much that people have […]

Missed Chance – A Short Story

A Love Story

Missed Chance – A Short Story A story of love and loss Story I want to tell began in my bedroom. A story of me and her. A story of was and could have been. “When was the last time you saw a girl naked,” she teased me. It made me realize that I was […]


Chand looked at the passing cars through the iron strips of the railway fence. He was waiting for more than an hour now. Every couple of minutes a train would pass by deafening him with the thud-thud on the tracks. Not that he was not used to it. He heard it more often than he […]


Paranoia – A Strange tale from future The latch locked with a clicking sound and then a screech as the heavy metal bolt was slid into its place by a hydraulic arm. The lasers were activated without a sound and the camera was as vigilant as ever. Once the outer metal door was secured the […]


Shehnaz banged violently on the door. She was nineteen year old pretty young girl of slim built. Her childish face framed by black curly hair and her youthful bosom made her look innocent and lascivious at the same time. But now all she looked was afraid. Her clothes were torn at places and her face […]


Love – Short Story Neha came out of the kitchen angrily. She had her bath just a while ago and her hair was still wet and the sindoor in her head still fresh. She was wearing the yellow and green salwaar kameez bought by Rohan last diwali. But she was not wearing the dupatta which […]

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