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Missed Chance – A Short Story

A Love Story

Missed Chance – A Short Story A story of love and loss Story I want to tell began in my bedroom. A story of me and her. A story of was and could have been. “When was the last time you saw a girl naked,” she teased me. It made me realize that I was […]



Chand looked at the passing cars through the iron strips of the railway fence. He was waiting for more than an hour now. Every couple of minutes a train would pass by deafening him with the thud-thud on the tracks. Not that he was not used to it. He heard it more often than he […]



Edifice – The Poem A grand edifice of a humble thought, A penniless life, glory in death it bought, Ravenous rumbling of hunger in earth’s bosom, Grave understandings of vaccum suction, Dark black, red, brown and white, Dry sands and wet sands, granite, A virtuos deed, a dime a dozen, Gone, Long lost and forgotten, […]

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