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November Rain

November Rain

I am sitting at my window, a stiff drink of whiskey and tonic water in my hand, waiting for them to come on swift horses. Yes, their horses are swift. Like the Savannah wind that plays banshee in the upright strands of yellow grass. The tick-tock of the hooves is hurried, but less spontaneous and […]


Chand looked at the passing cars through the iron strips of the railway fence. He was waiting for more than an hour now. Every couple of minutes a train would pass by deafening him with the thud-thud on the tracks. Not that he was not used to it. He heard it more often than he […]

Chameleon on the Wall

Chameleon on the Wall – A Poem Do you feel the pain really, Or are they just the crocodile’s tears? Do you revel in my glory, Or are they just the empty cheers? I catch you sometimes looking at me, But when our eyes meet you look away. I hear every word you utter, But […]

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