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The Girl Problem

The Girl Problem

Hariya had thrown his chappal at Titli. “Karamjali”, he yelled, bearer of bad luck. But Titli jumped over the flimsy stick fence and ran off into the fields not stopping to listen him say, “This girl is the problem of my existence.” She ran as fast as she could till she was surrounded by high, […]


Chand looked at the passing cars through the iron strips of the railway fence. He was waiting for more than an hour now. Every couple of minutes a train would pass by deafening him with the thud-thud on the tracks. Not that he was not used to it. He heard it more often than he […]


Shehnaz banged violently on the door. She was nineteen year old pretty young girl of slim built. Her childish face framed by black curly hair and her youthful bosom made her look innocent and lascivious at the same time. But now all she looked was afraid. Her clothes were torn at places and her face […]

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