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Talking Silence is a collection of Short Stories, Poems, Reports and Essays that emanate from deep within the human consciousness and conscience. It is an expression of thoughts, feelings and introspection which helps us recognize our unique identity and yet realize our connection with the world surrounding us. The relationship between the person and the cosmos is evaluated here. Hard and unsettling questions are asked here. And new ideas are born here. I try to post here regularly and also sometimes our guest bloggers contribute graciously.

Talking Silence is everything. It is liberal, it is conservative, it is socialist, it is capitalist, it is left wing, it is right wing and it is all inclusive because it is a platform built upon and idea of right to opinion and right to expression. And I believe with putting our thoughts out there we can truly settle our differences and move ahead together as a collective human species. And hence no topic is taboo here, no topic too controversial. If it concerns humanity, it will some day show up on talking silence. Be its religion, sex, love, hate, war, terrorism, peace, child care, health care, nutrition, social issues and philanthropy – just to name a few. These and all other topics would be represented here.

We have three regular features.
1 – Fun Fridays: Enjoy cartoon strips loaded with sarcasm or read the Diary of Dexter the Dog and a look at the world from dog eyes.
2 – Mystery Mondays: A serialized crime fiction. Each season is one novel written in plain view of the readers.
2 – Thinking Thursdays: Non-fiction. A look at world as it is and opinions on how it should be or could be or would be.

I have written an eBook which is a collection of short stories and poems available on the “eBook” page of this site or you can buy it HERE.

Enjoy the writing here and let it stimulate thought and discussion.


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