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Dog Day Diaries – Week 3


Welcome back. This week has been busy. With too many cars passing through our street I had a lot of chasing to do. Then Jenna, the human who lives in house across the street delivered a human pup. Yeah you heard it right just one human pup. This is a weird thing with human females. […]

Dog Day Diaries – Week 2


Just came back from a tiring and harrowing trip. And this is one of the terrible things I have to put up with. Once every month either Joe or Jill takes me to a sinister man in white coat, whom they mysteriously call a ‘wet’. And I don’t know why they call him that, he […]

Dog Day Diaries – Day 1


Hi! I am Dexter. Around here people know me as Dexter the Dog. That is to avoid confusing me with Dexter the cat. And believe me, no one wants to be confused with Dexter the cat, he is the clumsiest cat I have ever seen in my life. He stays with the Kumar family who […]