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Golden Pink


Golden Pink, Yes, That’s the color, Of hope, of the first rays of the sun, Of the first blossom of the spring, Of the tiny infant fingers on newborn hands, Clutching air, seeking that giver of life. The color which speaks, In infinite variables, Like a crackling fire on a winter night, Like a faint […]

The Street

The Street

Its day starts with a sprinkling of sunlight, And a montage of shadows, Layers of dark and bright, Slowly the shutters are raised, the shops open, And people venture out of the dark night. Schoolchildren pass by, stopping at the candy shop, Men and women with purpose and no time to stop, The activity picks […]

Cold Turkey


Cold Turkey The Neanderthal feeling takes hold, The inevitable hug of ubiquitous cold, Kaleidoscopic patterns of purple and grey, Emerge against the background, Of burning bright golden sunlight, Hands trembling like the taut leather, Of the drum just hit hard, Voices screaming in the head, Creating a cacophony of clamor, Thousand and twenty needles, Pricking […]

Short Stories


Short Stories – the Poem The words that you enslaved, Made unwilling accomplices, In your game of subterfuge and shadows, As you continued to weave, Strands of fiction overlapping, With masterstrokes of different hues, Your Stygian motives painted cerulean, Sugar on your short stories. Your eyes were obliging, With their talent for deception, A picture […]

Romeo and Juliet


O! Romeo, A heartbeat and a wink, A length of a breath, A lifetime, Did you wait ages, to live a moment, Or die in a moment, to live forever, A dazzling diamond teardrop, a silent revelry, A Golden Champagne, A silver moonlight, O! Juliet , A soft pink silk, A sweet strawberry, Velvet sands […]

Chameleon on the Wall


Chameleon on the Wall – A Poem Do you feel the pain really, Or are they just the crocodile’s tears? Do you revel in my glory, Or are they just the empty cheers? I catch you sometimes looking at me, But when our eyes meet you look away. I hear every word you utter, But […]



Stealing glances at the clock, Hearing to the incessant tick tock, The world passing by, As I stay rooted in the moment, The blur of motion all around me, Incomprehensible urgency of everyday activities, My heart refuses to oblige, The need to go on and go about, It lingers in its indulgence, Waiting for a […]



Edifice – The Poem A grand edifice of a humble thought, A penniless life, glory in death it bought, Ravenous rumbling of hunger in earth’s bosom, Grave understandings of vaccum suction, Dark black, red, brown and white, Dry sands and wet sands, granite, A virtuos deed, a dime a dozen, Gone, Long lost and forgotten, […]

Blood Brother

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Blood Brother – The Poem The blood that runs through the veins, Flows through the streets like rivers, The ties broken long ago, Beckon our souls no more, The battlefield full of unnamed graves, Of soldiers from both sides young and brave, The cities of skyscrapers, neon lights and cars, The countenance of society veiling […]