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Chameleon on the Wall


Chameleon on the Wall – A Poem

Do you feel the pain really,
Or are they just the crocodile’s tears?
Do you revel in my glory,
Or are they just the empty cheers?

I catch you sometimes looking at me,
But when our eyes meet you look away.
I hear every word you utter,
But cannot really believe what you say.

Sometimes you are sugar sweet,
Sometimes you just drift away.
When I think you are gone forever,
You come back as a bright new day.

When I reach for your hand,
Sometimes its just not there for me,
And then in my angst-ridden moments,
You bring gifts of mirth and glee.

I wonder whether you are here to stay,
Or whether you are here at all.
Are you really what I feel,
Or are you just a chameleon on the wall.