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Dog Day Diaries – Week 4

Dexter the Dog

Hi there you guys. Its been a long time. How have you been? I haven’t been able to send any news from my end as you see I have been transported. You see Joe, the tallest human in our house, was ordered by his master to move to a new place. Oh yes, these humans have masters too, though they don’t live in their master’s house. I am not sure how this works but this master orders Jeremy to do things. Like moving to a different city for a few months. So we locked our house and went to stay with Jeremy for few months so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

Now being a dog, I always get special treatment. For me a special compartment was booked in the airplane, its like a huge metal bird and you can enter inside its belly to reach from one place to another. So you see for me it was this special compartment with nice bars on the windows. And then this compartment was kept in a special section where I was all alone. And while I was there inside the airplane, I was entrusted the responsibility of watching over the luggage. You see my instincts are trusted everywhere. So my compartment was placed near the luggage so that I could keep a watchful eye over the luggage. I even barked twice during the journey. But poor Joe, Jill and Jeremy. They had to travel with other humans. They were not allowed in the special compartment near the luggage. I don’t know for sure but I have heard that they tie the humans down during the journey. Good for little Jeremy. He is one real mischief maker.

So we flew in this big metal bird and reached the city where Joe was ordered by his boss to be. And this city was so strange that even the dogs looked different. But the humans were the same. Jill kept saying how different the people were but I did not notice much difference. And the house where we were staying was near what they called a sea. Its like a gigantic backyard pool. Its so big that neither can you walk around it nor can you swim across it. You cant even see the other end. I wonder who dug it up. But it is fun playing next to this big pool. I had many adventures while in that city. I will tell you all about it. For now Dexter the Dog signing off.