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Edward Grimm – Case of the Dead Actor (Part 3)

Edward Grim Murder Mystery

Edward Grimm visits the scene of murder

When they reached the scene of the murder, where Miss Karylenko was murdered, Mr.Grimm started his training again. He turned to Matilda and said, “I am too tired to walk around this house again. I want you to go and look for something we might have overlooked. If this was a robbery, it would have been for something rare and precious that Miss Karylenko possessed, not money. So go and look for a place that looks empty.” With those vague directions to Matilda, he sat down in a wooden rocking chair in the living room. Matilda understood the guise, Edward Grimm was never tired to walk around and investigate a place where a murder had occurred. She understood that this was another test.

Matilda began to look around the house which still reeked of murder. She liked it when Mr.Grimm let her do the work. She felt like a real detective. Mr.Grimm had told her that when he felt she was ready he would give her an entire case to solve by herself, maybe a murder mystery like this one. She looked forward to that. She looked around the house. There were some cabinets which looked empty but mostly because there were not enough possesions with Miss Karylenko to fill all the cabinets. Matilda wondered what precious possession did Miss Karylenko have for which someone could murder her. As Matilda was searching the house she heard Sergeant James come in. He said hello to Mr.Grimm and came in to the kitchen behind her. Without turning back, she could feel his eyes on her behind. She knew he always checked her out. He was a handsome man in his early thirties and single. He had tried to ask Matilda out twice before but she had refused. Mr.Grimm always told her that if she had to be a good detective she had to be free of distractions.

“Can I help you?” James asked.

Matilda turned around to face him, “Thanks, but I can do my work by myself.”

“Why do you run away from me?” James asked, “I am a nice guy really. I just wish you would give me a chance to prove.”

“Well,” Matilda said, “I have no time for it.”

“I guess you don’t have time to come out with me or talk to me.” James said, “So whatever I have to say I should just write in a letter and give it.”

With this Matilda’s eyes grew wide as a thought hit her. She smiled at James. “Ok, give me a letter. If I like it I will come out with you.”

“Really?” James said. Matilda nodded. He left the kitchen whistling and wished Mr.Grimm again on his way out.
As soon as Sergeant James had left the room, Matilda went to the fridge and grabbed the facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestrssyoutube