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The Street

The Street

Its day starts with a sprinkling of sunlight,
And a montage of shadows, Layers of dark and bright,
Slowly the shutters are raised, the shops open,
And people venture out of the dark night.

Schoolchildren pass by, stopping at the candy shop,
Men and women with purpose and no time to stop,
The activity picks up speed slowly, from quiescence to frenzy,
Till the sun completes a full journey to the top.

The children of the day take an afternoon respite,
And the shops and kiosks offer them something to bite,
They fortify for the evening, which always
Prances on hurriedly before the warm blanket of the night.

At nightfall it’s time for a lover’s tête-à-tête,
A postprandial promenade or ramble of tiny feet,
And then one by one, all leave the street,
Leaving the moonshine behind till morning birds tweet.