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November Rain

November Rain

I am sitting at my window, a stiff drink of whiskey and tonic water in my hand, waiting for them to come on swift horses. Yes, their horses are swift. Like the Savannah wind that plays banshee in the upright strands of yellow grass. The tick-tock of the hooves is hurried, but less spontaneous and […]

Short Stories


Short Stories – the Poem The words that you enslaved, Made unwilling accomplices, In your game of subterfuge and shadows, As you continued to weave, Strands of fiction overlapping, With masterstrokes of different hues, Your Stygian motives painted cerulean, Sugar on your short stories. Your eyes were obliging, With their talent for deception, A picture […]



Paranoia – A Strange tale from future The latch locked with a clicking sound and then a screech as the heavy metal bolt was slid into its place by a hydraulic arm. The lasers were activated without a sound and the camera was as vigilant as ever. Once the outer metal door was secured the […]

Chameleon on the Wall


Chameleon on the Wall – A Poem Do you feel the pain really, Or are they just the crocodile’s tears? Do you revel in my glory, Or are they just the empty cheers? I catch you sometimes looking at me, But when our eyes meet you look away. I hear every word you utter, But […]